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Paño de limpieza


  • Referencia : S60CHIFF

  • Colección : Expositor de joyas

  • Composición : 

    Paño de microfibras, isoparafina, tierra de diatomeas, cera antiempañamiento

  • Detalles : 


    How to use :
        -    Polish directly on jewelry, only on the metal, avoid resin parts (use when jewelry is dry)
        -    Follow with dry clean cloth or tissue
        -    After use please keep in packet and avoid touching with water or humidity
        -    Do not wash the cloth

    This cloth is impregnated with powder which when it is wiped on surface will get black. This powder could bring some stains at your finger or skin as well.
    The type of powder is natural and non-harmful with human skin, so after use this cloth please wash your hand with soap or detergent.

    For more information about the care of your jewelry, click here!

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